About Bard-Smolny

Designed to meet the demands of those who have completed two years of college-level Russian or more (including heritage speakers), the Bard-Smolny Program in St. Petersburg offers a rich academic environment for students from North American colleges and universities who wish to study in Russia for a semester or full academic year. MORE >

An Invitation to Study in Russia

An Invitation to Study in Russia
If you are looking for a challenging environment in which to pursue your academic studies while advancing your Russian language skills, we invite you to consider studying at Smolny College in St. Petersburg—Russia’s first liberal arts college.  By choosing the Bard-Smolny Study Abroad Program, you will become part of a dynamic, innovative, and ambitious undertaking in international liberal education.

One of the most appealing advantages of the Bard-Smolny Program is students’ ability to enroll directly in classes alongside Russian students in Smolny’s academically rigorous, seminar-style classes.  Students are also drawn to the program by the opportunity to strengthen their Russian language skills through our outstanding Russian as a Second Language (RSL) program and through academic coursework in Russian.

The Smolny curriculum is multi-disciplinary and flexible.  Students choose from a vast array of courses in subjects ranging from art, architecture, film, and music to history, philosophy, and political science.  Many take courses that fulfill requirements toward their majors while also exploring new academic interests.   Students can expect small classes and personal attention from our accomplished faculty. We are especially proud of Smolny’s RSL program.

In sum, our program offers students an unparalleled and unique study abroad experience.   This website will give you a more complete idea of what Smolny does, who we are, and what we aspire to be.  If you are interested in learning more, we encourage you to fill out our interest form and we will contact you shortly.

We hope that you will be impressed with all that our program has to offer and choose to study with us.  We look forward to welcoming you in St. Petersburg!